[SOLVED] Memory overclocking

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Aug 24, 2020
Hello. Earlier I wrote a post with questions, but I realized that they are not as accurate as they should be in the wrong forum section.

So, as a matter of fact: I have an i5 9600k processor and I'm going to buy an Asus motherboard with a Z390 chipset (I sincerely believe that the model is not important for my questions, they are all very similar).

Next I want to choose RAM, however, I read on the official Intel website that the CPU only works with 2666 Mhz memory (which is 41.6 Gb/s bandwidth).

Deep down, I found out that intel processors which have a "k" in their name together with the motherboard on the Z chipset have the ability to overclock RAM. The questions are as follows:

1) If I buy 3200 Mhz memory - will I have to manipulate the processor when using XMP profiles? For example: increase BCLK? Or to increase the voltage of VCCIO and/or VCCSA? Or something else? And is it obligatory, if yes.

2) The second question follows from the first. If the manipulation has to be performed, will it increase the CPU bandwidth to allow the processor to handle over 41.6 Gb/s? After all, if not, what is the point of memory above 2666 Mhz?

Thank you to everyone who will help me to figure it out.
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