Memory performance question.


Sep 25, 2011
I will be using the Z68 chipset with 4 240-pin RAM slots compatible with a dual channel kit. I'm wondering...will I see the best performance if I get two separate, identical 2 x 4gb dual-channel kits...or if I get just one 4 x 4gb quad channel kit?

P.S. I've heard it's not good to occupy all avaliable RAM slots, however I must respectfully disagree. After personal experience and hours of research..I've seen no indication that a computer suffers performance, or overheating with all RAM slots occupied.
There is no quad-channel kit. If you were to buy a four-stick kit, it will still be dual channel. And it is recommended to buy all sticks in one kit, as opposed to two identical kits. Although the two kits should work well together, some RAM manufacturers will not RMA faulty sticks if used in separate kits.

As for occupying all four slots on the mobo, there really isn't anything wrong with doing so, but there are some common hurdles people run into when trying to use four DIMMs. To name a couple...

1. You often need to increase the DRAM voltage by about .1 V;
2. When overclocking, the aftermarket CPU coolers tend to block the two closest DIMM slots to the CPU, preventing use of said DIMM slots