Memory Problem, Need Help! *DELETED*



*Please read thoroughly and don't suggest anything I've already tried, thanks for the help!!! : )*

All of sudden today I started getting an application memory error after quiting most applications... (now, all this means for me is that after quiting certain applications I have an extra box to click and exit, but it's an error box so that means something isn't right with my system. I also DO NOT want to format and reinstall windows 2k... it'll take about 12 hours to reinstall all my programs and get back to regular...: ) ) The error says :

The instruction at "0x01273195" (or another number) referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read". (sisoft sandra links memory 0x0000000 to the system board)

Click on OK to terminate the program.

I'm runnin win2000, 1gig pc2700 ddr (2x512), athlon xp2700, Biostar nforce2 motherboard, 420w enlight psu, 3 hard drives, 3 cd drives, all pci slots full and a radeon 9700pro. A few other devices as well as all usb slots full. I've been running this setup for about 4 months flawlessly without any sort of problems. All win2k updates have been applied. Everything is clean and optimized.

What I've tried so far (none of these have worked):

- Uninstalling and Reinstalling all norton products.
- win2000 repair and then reinstalling all win2k updates.
- Took out both memory modules and trying each seperately in both slots (tried all available memory configs).
- Running all sisoft sandra memory benchmarks worked fine.
- Checked voltages on psu rails - all are fine.
- carefully checked all capacitors on motherboard - fine.
- Ran with case panels off and fan blowing in towards northbridge.
- I was not hit by sasser or any other virus (norton antivirus and internet security stopped all, latest virus scan with norton 2005 and latest defs found nothing)
- Deleted the page file, running with no virtual memory and then turning it back on with a restart for each. Also doubled the virtual memory.
- Took out all unnessecary pci cards and extras.
- All system temps in bios are lower than average (cpu is very cool and I have three case fans keeping the system cool).
- Bios settings were put back to default (had a few changes).
- Ran Norton WinDoctor
- Deleted, re-installed AOL Instant Messenger and Netscape (based on silly aol suggestion)
- Checked for unknown programs running in background - none.
- Minimized started programs with msconfig (was already optimized before, then tested with bare minimum).
- Ran SpywareS&D and SpywareBlaster freeware programs with latest defs.
- Deleted unused printers.
- Defrag all hard drives.
- Deleted everything to do with norton and symantec (registry folders, common files)
- Ran sfc.exe /scannow - no errors
- Replaced radeon 9700pro with matrox pci video card - same errors (someone suggested the problem might be the video card memory failing)
- Ran registry cleaners - two of them (norton and tweaknow).
- Ran 3dMark (based on video card memory may be bad suggestion, all 3d games run fine)
- Uninstall NVIDIA Nforce drivers, restarting, installing nvidia nforce drivers on biostar website (older version)...
- Ran latest version of memtest86 for over 15 hours (completed all tests)... memory is fine, no errors.
- Tested AC electricity going to computer using an APC Battery Backup. Clean, steady good voltage, fine. Battery never goes on due to problems even at highest settings.
- Searched on google through many pages on different keywords and found no solutions besides suggestions to what I've tried above.
- Ran Belarc Advisor... it found 4 windows updates that needed to be reinstalled. Uninstalled those, then reinstalled them all and they everything checked out ok in belarc advisor.

Solutions I can think of (1 total)... (please add!)
- Install Win2k into different directory on the same drive and install drivers and then crashing programs, see if they crash or not...

Please help, thanks for all the help so far!

When I boot in safe mode none of these errors occur (of course...)


Nov 21, 2003
<i> Reinstall Win2k over the current on the same drive (Can I do this and keep all my programs the way they were? I forget...)</i>

It's been a while since I've been on W2k, but if I recall correctly, you run an install, chose NOT to format or repartition the drive, and then just install it into same directory it's installed in already. I think this should allow you to keep all your programs setup to run. Can one of you windows guys verify this is correct?

BUT, this will not reset EVERYTHING. It might work though, depending on what the problem is. Personally, I suspect a software problem. You mentioned you defragged recently, did it happen to start after that?

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Could someone please verify the win2k re-install without reformatting issue and if all my programs will be kept intact as well as the registry?
Your registry will not be kept. Most programs will still work, some will have to be re-installed, however, after reinstalling programs your data will still be there.

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Nov 21, 2003
Have you googled for this yet? This will likely take some time, but you seem to have the tenacity to see it through. Go to google, type in the EXACT error message and see if something comes up. Try it without the address if nothing does. Try variations of typing in the keywords of the error message. Try it with words like AIM or whatever apps are generating this, combined with the error message or keywords of the error messages. You may end up having to dig through a lot of links. Just a thought.

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Dec 31, 2007
I do have an apc battery backup and I notice that the red light is on where it says Building Wiring Fault (old Boston apartment building)... however this problem didn't exist from when I moved in 20 days ago up until now.

Are you running PowerChute? If you've lost your cold-water ground you are asking for trouble. You would no longer have any surge protection. If you have a cable between your UPS and the PC disconnect it. Red light still on? NO GROUND! Have your building super check your outlets.

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