Question Memory Problem, Please Help.

Feb 13, 2022
Please help my friends,

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6 -core
B450 Gaming Plus
Photon 750 Gold
GTX 1060 6GB
Old RAM (Corsair 2x8gb 3000 mHz)
New RAM (Corsair 2x16 3000 mHz)

Okay so I recently decided to buy extra RAM.
  1. Bought it, installed it next to my other two sticks. (Empty Slots)
  2. My PC would not boot
  3. Removed my old RAM sticks, and inserted my new ones in their slot.
  4. PC booted fine. And it seemed like everything was okay. Turned on XMP and gamed.
  5. My PC crashed suddenly into the Blue screen of death. When I booted it back up it, windows gave me an error message: "Your computer has a memory problem"
  6. I ran Memory Diagnostics on both new RAMs. Errors were detected.
  7. The computer kept running just fine after closing the error message and running the diagnose so I didnt think too much of it.
8.The next day I booted up my computer and realized the startup process was super slow, audio was stuttering on different devices from different inputs and on the performance tab in task manager, the CPU usage was surging (especially due to this one process called 'system interrupts'.
9. I removed one RAM stick, still got the your memory has a problem error. Switched it out to the other one, still got the error. I decided both new RAM sticks are faulty (However i did not run the diagnostic tool again, just the error message but i figure its talking about the current RAM stick inside.)
10. Removed new RAM and inserted old RAM, still got the your memory has a problem error. In all these cases the PC booted. I'm fairy new to computers but it seems like the issue was something else? (I tried all slots)
11. Went through a few troubleshoot methods i found:
- Updated all outdated drivers manually
- Checked my local SSD for errors
- Ran an SFC scan
- Turned off XMP and lowered DRAM frequency a little bit

  1. Some of these methods found errors and fixed them.
  2. Rebooted my PC and still got the error, slow startup, high CPU usage, and audio stuttering
ps; I recently updated my BIOS like 3 months ago to fix a freezing problem that worked. So I didn't think it was necessary to do it again.

I'm exhausted and kind of freaking out. I will be eternally grateful If I can get some assistance on fixing this issue.
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This Motherboard?

Do verify that i found the correct/applicable User Manual.

Two things to do:

1) Refer to the User Manual and MSI's website to confirm that the installed RAM is indeed supported. At the website check the RAM QVL (Qualifed Vendor's List) and the site FAQs'/Forums for similar posted problems. Details matter.

2) Double check that the RAM is correctly installed and configured per physically numbered Page 27.

Often overlooked:

"Always insert memory modules in the DIMMA2 slot first"


Were the RAM sticks purchased as a matched set for dual channel use?

Where did you purchase the new RAM?

PSU: "Photon 750 Gold "

How old? Condition (original to build, new, refurbished, used)? History of heavy gaming use, video editing, or even bit-mining?


Actually the problem is the opposite.

PSU problems or other problems that cause the system to improperly shutdown can lead to corrupted files.

And that includes forced PSU shutdowns.

At the next successful boot, look in Reliability History.

What error codes, warnings, and even informational events do you see?

Especially any that occurred just before or at the time of a BSOD or reported RAM/Memory problem.

Also: what disk drive(s) are installed: make, model, capacity, how full?

Note: Reliability History is user friendly and presents a time line format that can prove quite helpful. Take your time to look through it and gain some sense of the format, navigation, and the information being provided therein.

A similar tool is Event Viewer but somewhat more, actually quite, cumbersome to navigate and understand.

Just in case....
Feb 13, 2022
One of the Blue Screens that I have gotten contains the error code: Special_Pool_Detected_Memory_Corruption, but I have gotten other ones. Just didn't record the names and forgot.
Feb 13, 2022
Yes they were.

I purchased the new RAM through Amazon. From the corsair store.

It is about 3 and some years old. I bought it new. No history of heavy gaming use. Ive only been heavy gaming the past 3 months since i updated the bios and fixed my freezing problem.

But for a while i did have to hard shut down the pc a lot for a long time when the freezing was occuring. I've had all the parts for about 3 years. And when i installed the new RAM and my PC wouldnt initially boot it did go through a short weird boot loop.

I dont know if any of these things can cause the PSU to corrupt.
Feb 13, 2022
I spoke to someone at work and they recommended resetting the bios by jumping the cmos pins. I tried that, and now i'm not getting the error message that there is a problem with my memory upon booting it. But i am still getting high CPU usage for any more demanding process like (playing a song on spotify), audio stuttering , slow startup, and also high to very high power usage on the top processes (event if its just windows event log).

9/29 This morning 9/29 9:51 am

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
Code: c1

9/29 Last night at 12:01 am

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
Code: 50


Problem signature
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
Code: 1a

I also got A Hardware error this morning:

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: LiveKernelEvent
Code: 1a1

I cannot see an instance of the memory error i was getting upon every boot.

These are the details for the memory diagnostic results from yesterday.

LaunchType Manual
CompletionType Fail
MemorySize 32693
TestType 10
TestDuration 4288
TestCount 12
NumPagesTested 8343470
NumPagesUnTested 1775
NumBadPages 1
T1NumBadPages 0
T2NumBadPages 0
T3NumBadPages 0
T4NumBadPages 0
T5NumBadPages 0
T6NumBadPages 0
T7NumBadPages 0
T8NumBadPages 0
T9NumBadPages 0
T10NumBadPages 0
T11NumBadPages 0
T12NumBadPages 1
T13NumBadPages 0
T14NumBadPages 0
T15NumBadPages 0
T16NumBadPages 0

Disk Drives:

($112.99) HP S700 Pro 2.5" 1TB SATA III 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) 2LU81AA#ABL : 190 GB free space
Western Digital WD5000AAKS-007AA0 - 500GB 7.2K RPM SATA 3.5" Hard Drive: 173 GB free space

Sorry I took so long to reply.
Feb 13, 2022
Also seeing this error before today's bluescreens in each instance.

Windows Stopped Working

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x000000c1 (0xffffbf0faaf46f80, 0xffffbf0faaf46d7c, 0x0000000000c34080, 0x0000000000000023). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: c30eda35-6e75-4a17-a2a6-6d17651bb832.