Question Memory problem?


May 1, 2011

I have my gaming desktop for 4 years now with the following specs:

AMD FX-6300 6 -Core
8 Gb RAM Hyper X
MSI 970 Gaming MB
256 Gb SSD
AMD R9 380 GPU

Back in June, I had this issue which an old game I have been playing for years froze and it was only a few minutes after turning on. When I reset the system, I got a beeping code with one long beep and two short ones.

According to the MSI MB bios code, this means a RAM problem while the AMI bios code state it was a GPU problem. Back then I didn't know of the AMI bios code so I brought my system to a store and was told the problem was likely a loose RAM card and moving the card to a new slot fixed it.

Four months later, the problem returned with the same beeping codes and when I did the moving as remembered, it resolved for 2 weeks before failing again. This time, the moving of the RAM between slots only provide a few hours / minutes of respite before Windows froze again (regardless in game or idle in desktop) after resetting it.

I have ran Windows Memory Diagnostic and result came back with no error. But when I tried using Memtest86, I have been getting freezes twice during the scan (usually at Test 2) and upon resetting it, those beeps came back and the system never boot up.

I am aware that Memtest86 have some issues with regards to multiple core processors which I have set to single CPU core and read that switching the CSM on under the UEFI BIOS may be another fix to this. However, I am starting to wonder if it's the main problem itself is causing Memtest86 and the scan to freeze and not because of the test program itself (couldn't try the CSM switch because of the constant failure to boot up after the beep codes).

Based on this scenario with Memtest86 kept freezing and couldn't run a full scan, is it safe to assume and conclude it's my RAM or it's another issue like my MB itself or the GPU as per the beep codes matching AMI BIOS instead?

As for the one Memtest86 test done, received remark that my RAM is vulnerable to high frequency row hammer bit flips.