Memory Settings in BIOS


Mar 23, 2009
I have a GIGABYTE GA-A75-D3H FM1 Motherboard (Newegg: N82E16813128518) with Kingston HyperX 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) (Newegg: N82E16820104173). The memory is listed as 1.65 volt. However, when I allow Bios to control my memory settings, it has the memory clock at X6.66 - 1333 MHZ and the memory voltage at 1.5. Since my memory is listed at 1600 and 1.65 volts, should I change those settings in BIOS?

Thanks in advance!


Aug 28, 2011
no reason to not run it at what it is. its a slight improvement in performance. so set it to 1600MHz and it wont likely work at 1.5v at that speed so up the voltage to 1.65v. you can try lower voltage if you want to save 50 cents a year on your power bill but 1.65 is safer when heavily using it. too little and you crash a program or your OS.
You can probably bump up the cpu fsb by 20% which should increase the ram speed. Set the ram speed back to the previous settings. Then look for the cpu fsb and set it manually. I use 240 if 200 is the default setting. confirm the ram speed with cpu-z; it should be 800 (same as 1600).



The 1.65V is required to run the RAM at it's maximum rated speed of 1600 MHz. but the RAM is programmed via the SPD to start at 1333 MHz. and 1.5V which is the default DDR3 RAM frequency for your CPU and industry std. DDR3 RAM voltage. Assuming that the RAM is approved for your CPU - your CPU/RAM/mobo may or may not run the RAM @ 1600 MHz. as this is an overclocked speed for the CPU/RAM frequency. All you can do it try manually setting the BIOS options and see if it will work.