Memory test to assure against DOA


Jan 13, 2008
Some businesses that sell and repair PC's have machines that will test memory?

What does the test actually do and show, and how reliable are they to insure that
memory stick will not be bad or DOA.

How much might it cost to run such a test?

Machine to do it costs a lost more than one of those PS testers.

I have a couple of sticks of 1G PC2700 DDR that I want to use, but be sure that
it is good to use without causing any damage.

Just wondering...

Pre-testing would be a waste of money. Use the money instead to replace any defective sticks after running memtest, a free download or rma the memory. Some brands carry lifetime warranties. I've used memory warranty twice. Also, check your board manual for recommendations. Sometimes single sided memory is recommended, and low latency is always preferred. Defective sticks won't harm your board unless you damage the slots by installing it upside down or backwards, or try to install ddr in ddr2 slots or vice versa.