Memory upgrade 2133 or 2400 or ?

Jan 1, 2019
Hi looking to upgrade my memory I have a Asus H110M-E with i5 7400 but only one ddr4 8gb 2133 should I stick with the same and add another 8gb 2133 or go to 1 or 2, 2400 16gb sticks (what eva I can afford at time) or run the 8gb 2133 with a 16gb 2400 and when can afford second 16gb stick replace the 8gb I believe that will work but will only run at lower speed? All advice welcome
Best option would be 2 x 8GB running at 2133. Unless you have specific need for more than 16GB of RAM, I wouldn't waste your money.

Two sticks will give you dual channel speeds, and the motherboard is rated for up to 2133. I strongly suggest a matching set of RAM sticks.

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