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Question Memory upgrade fail


Jan 15, 2010
Hello everybody. I have a problem and hope you can help me please.
I work as 3D freelancer with softwares like 3ds max,, Vray, etc.
My workstation i build some years ago.
asus x99-a MoBo.
i7-5960X CPU
32GB ram (G-Skill ripjaws4 F4-2400) 4x8GB CL15 1.2v

I had problems rendering some big scenes lately and given that Vray recomended ram is 64Gb i decided to upgrade, so i went after other 32GB ram and could find:
2x16GB ram (G-Skill ripjaws4 F4-3000) 2x8GB CL15 1.35v

I know not having a kit with all the memory is not the ideal but i read that it is possible to even mix different speeds, and capacitiessi i decided to give it a try.

When i put these new sticks completing the 8 slots i got a 53 error code wich is memory failure.
I tied to only put 2 new sticks (6 in total) and my system goes from 32 to 16 (instead od 48)
I tried to remove all ram and only put one of the new ones and again error 53.

Is it something that i can do or try or do i have to think these ram is incompatible with my system?

Thank you.


Jun 14, 2020
Well, on the RAM configurator at the Gskill website, the highest speed proposed for your MoBo is 2666 Mhz. Your
sticks (3000 Mhz) are not suggested as compatible.They have many 2400 Mhz, 32 GB, kits (as your older RAM)


Apr 5, 2020
Probably there's not only just one thing to try, but more, bearing in mind other people report similar or such problem with this chipset. Well, what helped me before with something similar was to put all the sticks one-by-one with restarts between, and initially setting things to lower voltage, bigger latency and lower ram speed. I guess you can force things to run on 2133 MHz, CL16 and 1,2 V. For the CL I am not very sure actually, it may not need to be touched cuz it is everything CL15, or it may even need to be lowered while in the lower frequency. It's a bit of a play, you may even need to overclock something to equalize the numbers. Well, in the beginning before it all you can reset bios via both jumper in cmos. Maybe there is a 'Read ram button' on the motherboard, too. And see if you need a bios update.
And well, the ram is new, older ram has better chance to work, especially if it is in your support list.
They mention antistatic bag for the mobo instead of onto the metal case...well, I have worked with one of my mobos on 4 styrofoam pieces in the angles for 2-3 daynights.
And so on...

Well, I guess when buyng the new ram sticks, you have assured you have return options. When someone does it this half-risky way, then 'd always better have surety about return options in case of incompatibilities.