Memory upgrade then bsod/freeze


Feb 8, 2011
Hello, i bought a new stick of Kingston PC 3200 (400 mhz) 1 gb ddr ram and when I install it along with the previous 2x512 generic pc 3200 memory sticks I had the systems recognizes the new memory and boots fine, but whenever I start a game it freezes or I get bsod, memtest86 reports no errors, and separately (either 2x512 or 1gb stick) they seem to work fine, and games run normally, any ideas on how i could fix this and make the three sticks work together correctly? thanks!!!! pc specs: msi k8n neo4, amd athlon s939 3000, 500w generic power source
Enter BIOS and put ram settings on manual then you can set the latency up a number you could as well try setting the speed down to 333MHz before you change the latency or set the command rate to 2T if 1T. Here is a guide that explains it better than I can in few words

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