Memtest86+ shows uncountable error .. ????


Jan 3, 2007
Currently i am using memtest86+ to test my 1GB (dual 512kit) Corsair Value Ram DDR1-400. The problem is when i test it, it show uncountable error ... almost reaching 5k of error in test #4 and so on... I still can boot up the RAM as usual. It seem giving no problem for me except several sudden reboot, which i think is normall ... :p

I also tested other different ram stick but no error at all. Memtest86+ web guide saying that suppose no error for a good memory.

1. My question is, any method for me to fix it ?
2. what should i do ? RMA it (can?)? (used almost 2 years, but still under "corsair lifetime warranty" i think ..)

Thanks for advise .....


Sudden reboots are not normal, and memtest86+ should show 0 errors for a properly-working system. It's not unusual to have a problem with Corsair's ValueSelect line, as it is only their premium memory (e.g. XMS etc) that is high quality.
I'd contact Corsair tech support about replacement under warranty (they may have a few suggestions for settings first).