Mercury Graphics Engine, Mercury Playback Engine Support


Jun 3, 2012
I am confused by the required graphics hardware needed to support GPU processing by Adobe Photoshop & Premier CS-6.

Photoshop CS6: "Mercury Graphics Engine" (MGE):

My understanding is that ALL MGE functions are supported by both NVIDIA (CUDA) and AMD (OpenCL).

If this is true, then which of these cards (gaming is not a concern) would give the best PS6 performance:

NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti 448 (? 1.2GB, not clear on this) ($270)
AMD Radeon HD 6870 2GB ($220)
AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB ($160)

Premier Pro CS6: "Mercury Playback Engine" (MPE):

MPE is even more confusing. Here it seems that CUDA and OpenCL do not both offer the same support.

It seems that AMD OpenCL will NOT support these MPE effects:

Fast Blur effect
Gaussion Blur effect
Directional Blur effect
Basic 3D effect

However, I am not, in general, interested in 'special effects' on my underwater nature videos!

I do now use PP4, but only do color correction, occasional sharpening or blurring, and a lot of cross-fade/cut-through-black transitions. So would MPE speed up any of these processes?

If NVIDIA chips are the only ones which support full MPE playback, does the GTX 560 do so? Looking on adobe ( the GTX 470, 570, 580 are listed as compatible - GTX 560 is not mentioned.

Finally, what about AMD CrossFireX and Nvidia's SLI?

Do CrossFireX and SLI both support all functions of MGE and MPE?

That is, if one uses two identical (to be safe) graphics cards, will MGE & MPE both be able to take advantage of all of the GPUs?

Long and complicated post, I know - but Thanks for any help!

Incidentally, since I think it clear what my needs are (Modest budget Image and Video processing - not gaming) do any of you have other suggestions for a cost effective configuration giving the most bang-for-the-buck. I will not be building this system until W8 is out and stable with CS6.

Again, thank you for any help with this.

Rich Smith

Apr 4, 2013
Hey Fortran4,

I've been on the market for a new card myself, I ended up with a gtx 660ti 3gb. I think all the effects are enabled with Mercury Playback software only. The GPU acceleration is based on CUDA, which is proprietary to Nvidia cards. I had a ATI card for years and it was great, but as far as I know you wont see any hardware gains from the Mercury Engine with a Radeon card.

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