Question Mesh system fails to stream content


Mar 8, 2017
Hello, so we just bought a new Mesh system for my room upstairs in our house. There are no Ethernet ports here so i have to use a mesh system to connect my ethernet cable to.
(We previously had a power line adapter, but we switched to a mesh system because i got really bad download speeds (~25Mb/s).).
Now i have 170Mb/s download speeds, but i get these random drops in internet speeds. My game will lag for a bit and then restore itself to a good connection.

The real problem is that I can't stream stuff. As soon as i am streaming for my friends in discord, my game will lag out completely and i won't be able to move at all. This happens every 10-20 seconds.
Is it because of the mesh systems using a "wireless" connection to my modem? Maybe one of you can tell me

PS: There is a mesh connected to my modem downstairs and there is 1 here upstairs in my room.

Thanks in advance!
First that is the trade off. Wifi is many times faster than powerline but it is subject to interference. To play games you are much better off on powerline. Wifi would help with download speed but not game play. Games need very little bandwidth to run but want extremely consistent latency.

The way you installed mesh maybe the way they show in their pretty pictures but it is a complete waste of time to install it that way. You might as well just put a wifi card in your pc. The so called mesh unit will get the same crappy signal as a wifi card does. Connecting it via ethernet does not magically make the signal better.

Proper placement requires that you place it 1/2 between the router and your room. You would then use a wifi card to pick up the signal from the mesh/repeater.

Maybe use the powerline for normal use and if you need faster download change to the mesh. 25mbs should be more than enough for most purposes