Question Messed up fonts after Win 10 update 1903


Aug 9, 2016
Good evening, I finally got this huge update.

Here's a screenshot, i do not have any idea how to fix it.

  1. I tried to reset fonts to default - it didn't work
  2. Tried to manually install them - it didn't work
Ideas what can I try? I haven't tried third party software. Some letters seem in bold when they're not and the whole font style is weird to the eye.


Thank you


Jul 2, 2019
Check your display drivers. You may need newer versions. You don't mention your system specs, either. Please consider giving a Speccy Snapshot:

Using Piriform’s Speccy to Collect Your Computer’s Hardware & Software Specifications & Report Them to an Assistant

1. Go to the Piriform Speccy Download Page and download the program.

2. Run the installer you’ve just downloaded or unzip the ZIP file if you prefer to use the portable version.

a. If you choose to run the installer - Note: The Speccy free installer may now come with Avast and the Google Chrome browser bundled with it (or something else, what’s bundled has changed over time). Make sure that you UNCHECK the options to install any bundled software when you see the checkboxes during the Speccy install sequence. When you reach the end, uncheck the View Release Notes checkbox, then activate the Run Speccy button.

b. If you go with the portable version just fire up Speccy from the unzipped folder location.

Regardless of which method you choose, you will be presented the Speccy Main Window:

3. From the File Menu, activate the “Publish Snapshot” item [or press ALT+F,B]:

4. You will now be presented with the Publish Snapshot Dialog:

You will, of course, activate the Yes button.

5. Finally, you will be presented with the Snapshot URL Dialog:

on which you will activate the Copy to Clipboard button so that you will have the snapshot web address to paste into your message.

Note: If you want to save your system specs to a text file, at step 3 choose the Save as Text File option at step 3. This can be handy if you need to e-mail your specs.