[SOLVED] Metal vs plastic network switches


Jan 28, 2015
I need a network switch to connect a couple of computers and a powerline adapter via ethernet cables. The idea is to let all the computers access the Internet via the powerline adapter and also be able to transfer files between each other. Here are two network switches I'm considering:
They seem very similar. The plastic one is smaller and lighter. The metal one is larger, heavier, and $3 more expensive. Please let me know if I'm missing any other meaningful difference between these two switches.

The general consensus I get is that there really isn't meaningful difference. If money is no object, then metal is the better choice because of better EMF shielding, but that it really doesn't matter that much. However, I haven't dealt with network switches much so I wanted to get some confirmation. Which should I get and why?

Are there other factors I'm not considering. Why anyone would bother with metal switches if plastic ones always seem to be cheaper? I heard that metal switches might have better heat dissipation and better durability. Although, I'm not sure what durability even really means for a network switch. Maybe the metal cases make them easy to mount on things (seems like it could make it harder because plastic is lighter)? Maybe the extra weight of metal switch is useful to keep the switch from moving around on a table? I even heard that metal switches are better because (unlike plastic switches), if the switch breaks you could reuse the metal case for other projects after removing the internals. I'm just trying to figure out the pros and cons of each.

It seems that a lot of the metal ones are the ones with the lifetime warranty versus the plastic ones ime. Personally I like the metal ones because consumers don't like them as much. :D