Question mhz for future gaming

Will getting 4000-4600 mhz ram last me longer for gaming purposes compared to around 3000mhz? I will be playing in 4k.
Most users don't need anything past 3600. From what I gather Ryzen 5000 on many motherboard if not most can't get to or have issues getting up to 4000 in a 1:1:1 ram configuration with the controller and Infinity fabric. Intel systems have far fewer issues at 4000 and higher.

Currently there are almost no games that can actually take advantage of faster than 4000. Compared to DDR3 3000 or 3200, you are only going to gain around 5-10fps when using 4000 and maybe up 15-20 depending on the game. For either Ryzen 3000/5000 or Intel, most people are better off getting a kit with 2x8GB or 2x16GB 3600 CL16 to CL18 or 3200 CL14 to CL16.
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Yes, no, maybe, nobody can tell. It's the future and most ppl don't have reliable access to a crystal ball.

Fast ram in Intels isn't much of a help in most things, Intels don't use ram in that fashion. Software does and some software can use fast ram to a very good degree, with some anything above cpu memory controller speeds is moot.

So gaming in general doesn't really benefit.

With Ryzens, they love fast ram, to a point. After that point , without serious tampering, the ram offers severely diminishing returns. And then it's back to the software.

And what timings? 3200/16 isn't much different to 3600/18, so something like 4000/23 vs 3200/14 isn't going to have much (if any) benefit and can require tinkering (especially on a Ryzen) to come even close.

So there's no real hard Yes or No to that question as it stands, not for such a broad range and vague idea such as 'Gaming'.