Question Mic Abruptly Stopped Working On PC

Jan 11, 2020
So my mic stopped working on my PC out of nowhere fairly recently (about 3 or 2 days before Christmas).

It was about a few weeks ago when my problem started and I tried everything that I see on the internet.

I uninstalled the drivers, checked for a driver update [said was up to date], ran the troubleshooter and it couldn't find anything, unplugged and plugged back in, rollbacked drivers, attempted to restart computer from previous save point [failed twice], updated the computer, etc.

It was always set as my default on my pc and making another device my default and going back didn't work.

Computer sees my mic and I can set it as default on everything, including discord, but no sound is picked up at all.

The sensitivity/gain wasn't low and constantly messing with it and still nothing.

The light on the mic goes on as per usual and the actual headphone port works so I can use it for headphones still and hear everything on my pc and when I roll the wheel on the mic to hear the mic output through the headphones I can hear the mic completely fine and it all shows up on the device manager.

Was also able to connect to another computer and it worked perfectly fine so it's not really a hardware issue I concluded it to a software issue with my computer and I'm trying to figure it out and am currently getting ready for a full system restore but wanted to try another platform other than Reddit to make sure that wiping my computer can't be my only solution at this point.

The only thing i can think about that could possibly have been the cause was that when I came back the computer was in sleep mode so I didn't turn it off expecting to be back sooner.

The mic is an Audio Technica AT2020 USB+