Question Mic input causing black screen flash/out of range on secondary monitor (laptop)

Mar 11, 2020
I'm having this issue with my fx504gd since I've owned it. Laptop works fine without any monitor plugged in, no black screen flashes or out of range message.

1050 4gb
8gb 2666
Single hdmi out

Add to the mix my 27" 1080p 75hz via the only hdmi port I can run both screens on desktop/browsing duties fine at 75hz on my 27" and 60hz on the laptop screen.) I can run world of Warcraft and company of heroes fine in this configuration without any issues.

Where the issue appears is when I start Discord or any other Fullscreen game such as Modern Warfare. I'll start with Discord, the app itself is fine but it's when I join an actual channel (even empty) my 75hz monitor will flash black for a second every couple of seconds randomly and sometimes result in an out of range message. Modern warfare (most games) will simply start flashing black as it's loading up and in the menus if I get that far before the out of range message, however if I run my 27" @60hz I can play the game without any black flashes or any out of range issue. I've tried a multitude of fixes over the last couple of weeks and have tried driver reinstall and a fresh OS with new drivers, I've rolled the drivers back a bit to try as well with no success, I did narrow down all my services to the nvidia display container Ls being the issue (I assumed) because disabling that allowed discord to run properly (assuming using integrated and working) because obviously the nvidia drivers were disabled at that point.

Now that brings me to this morning when I was tinkering with Modern Warfare @ 60Hz on my 27" monitor I noticed the black flashing still occurs but only when I shoot my gun. I disabled sound via keyboard shortcut and the problem is gone, enable sound and the problem comes back. I have just tried searching the web for that particular issue and couldn't find anything at all which leads me here to ask you all:) let me know if you need anymore info.

Update I reset my audio drivers for another time and I am now able to run modern warfare @75hz with sound and no black screens, HOWEVER whenever my microphone picks up ANY audio at all I get a blackscreen and out of range error, I'm beginning to think it was my microphone this whole time. PLEASE Let me know what you think or if this is in the wrong spot LET ME KNOW
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