Question Mic issues on friend's system

Apr 3, 2021
PC will let mic record sound but not voice chat on any platform what so ever! please HELP!

So my friends Mic is not working in game and on discord etc as the title suggests, and I am at a loss. No amount of google is capable of solving the issue.
I will explain what we have tried and what the issue actually is.
What the issue is: His mic works for recording, even using it on say WhatsApp web to record a voice message works. I can see his mic is active on games in party chat and shows the relative icons when he is speaking but no sound, ie. in COD and discord. I am not the only one who can't hear him and I can hear everyone else so definitely an issue on his end.
What we have tried: (Side note I may not get them all because I have tried every possible solution for him I can imagine, and even one's I never even thought of thanks to google hence my actual desperation to make a post)

  • Setting his mic to default (obviously),
  • Setting the privacy on his mic to allow for apps (was already set for apps to use)
  • Checking the control panel settings with a hidden setting that I cannot remember with similar permission settings (I found on google can't remember exactly now)
  • Updating drivers
  • Using a different mic I had spare
  • Checking the sound tests in each chat app (Sound tests working can hear himself)
  • Raising all volume levels to max in sound settings on windows and in whatever chat app
  • Using different USB ports
  • Restarting
  • Uninstalling drivers and re-installing
  • Manually installing drivers
  • Making sure mic(s) themselves were set at max volume
  • Using multiple different chat apps
  • Removing devices from manager and starting again
  • multiple mics too (all do the same)
  • Resetting windows audio service
Genuinely a lot more, but the thing that broke my brain is the recording app on windows works, when he uses any party chat app, the mic tests they have work, he can hear himself during them, I can see he is talking through the icons, the fact that it's working over say a voice message on WhatsApp web.
Is there something out the box someone can suggest that I may not have thought of, has anyone else come across this issue. I only found one person through google searches that had the same kind of issue but there was no solution on whatever forum it was posted just a lot of the basic suggestions all the way to including a complete re-install of the OS.
Thanks for your time, my brain hurts trying to understand it at this point. I do not know his specs exactly but doubt that it would be an issue, regular stuff anyway recent-ish build PC that someone with more knowledge than him put together.
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

In your haste, you forgot to mention the make and model of the headset/mic and how it's connected to the system. Atop of that we're also going to need the specs to the system your friend is working off of. Do include the version of BIOS for the motherboard and the version for the OS, assuming your friend is on Windows 10.