Question Mic Jack problem on Lian Li-011 Dynamic

Jun 19, 2019
So i got a new motherboard and case cause i wanted to switch up the build, everything is plugged in and correct, but when i plug in the headphones into the jacks, every sound works completely fine, but when it comes to me speaking, i cannot hear my voice, its full on robotic noise and its not even me speaking, its just makes noise on its own, Im using the razer kraken pro headset and the case that I have now is the Lian-LI 011 Dynamic and I used to have the corsair carbide spec 06, and for my motherboard I used to have a z370-a pro and which I now have a z390 Gamnig carbon AC, any help would be greatly appreciated because I cannot figure out what the problem is, most of the games I use require communication and as well I would just like to talk with my friends as well and with this problem, I just can't. I've tried changing settings with the audio and such but it just does not seem to work, I would really appreciate some help!