Mic playing computer sounds



Hi there, I'm asking this question for a friend because it's pretty frustrating having to deal with it.

He's on a Dell something or other with Windows XP and whenever we're on Ventrilo together, I can hear whatever is going on on his computer when he opens his microphone. He even unplugged his speakers and I could still hear everything perfectly when he couldn't hear ANYTHING at all.

We've tried every possible solution we've come across but nothing has worked (Disabling stereo mix was the main one).

We're kind of at a loss and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: It doesn't matter what kind of sound it was either, I could hear it. Computer beeps, music, games... etc.


Oct 13, 2010
Just checked with him, and he doesn't have those options - they are grayed out. Tried doing additional research to see other areas where Line Volume or Recording Control could be but nothing worked.

Any other ideas?

Shadow Night

May 23, 2012
In case people find this now if they have the problem, although this is 2 years old it may be of use.
In your volume control there is a "Properties" button, click that and for the "Recording" tick every box and then exit that.
It should then show you the window of your mic volume settings, looks for the tick box under "Microphone" and click it.
Hey presto it works!
The problem is that it's sometimes set to "What You Hear" and this literally records EVERYTHING you are hearing, good for game recording I guess as long as you are not actually listening to your own mic, if you are listening to you mic playback as it records you will get endless loops like I did!