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Mar 27, 2017
This is my first time building a PC, and I was hoping to build a full ATX build for the sake of better cooling and opportunity for upgrading in the future, but I have quite a strict budget and going the Micro ATX route seemed cheaper.
So, basically what I would like help with is; Is this the best price-to-performance that I can get? will all of this stuff fit in this case and on this motherboard? and is there any alternatives to any of these parts which would be better without adding to the price, for example is it possible for me to make an ATX build at this price with the same performance? all prices are in AUD, and it would be much appreciated if responses could stick to parts which are available at U-mart, as it will make shipping cheaper to just get it all from there at once.

Thank you for your help :) the build is as follows:

Ryzen 5 2600 (

GTX 1660 (

Ballistix 16GB (2x8) ram, 3000mhz (

Cooler Master 550W MWE 80+ bronze power supply (

Thermaltake Versa H17 case (with 2 extra 120mm fans) (

Samsung 1TB 860 QVO SSD (

MSI B450 PRO M2 V2 AM4 mATX motherboard (

and windows 10 retail

I would get a different case, something like the Cooler Master N200 since it's much more roomier. I would go for a better quality board like the ASRock B450M Pro4 or the Steel Legend variant. THe ram kit, ideally you should look at a DDR4-3200 dual channel kit. Then the PSU you've listed isn't something I'd pick.

If we were to use PCPartPicker to source parts, are you limited to Umart alone? I think you're treading on mitx territory with that kind of budget, IMHO.


Looks good to me.

I'd suggest a mobo with 4 RAM slots though. That's $20 well spent IMO.

I'd also choose the Thermaltake Versa H18 over the H17 for the same price. Better airflow through the front panel.
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