Feb 18, 2019
Hi, might was wondering if a micro atx motherboard would look weird in a mid tower case. As I think there would be a lot of space left around it, if I don't do water Cooling or uservices an AIO. Is this true?
I'm thinking of getting a be quiet case, because they are quiet, but they don't make micro atx cases.

Also, is there any other brand's that make quiet cases other than be quiet.
Thanks in advance
Yes there will be some empty space. That space is perfect for fitting a couple reservoirs, but seem to have killed the idea of a custom dual-loop liquid cooler.

But it does provide almost limitless possibilities though:

You can fill the space with your Dead Head stickers and a UV LED lamp shining on it. Awesome.
You can gut an old triple-slot video card and bolt it in to use as a secret stash for valuables.
That space right above the hot PSU is perfect to warm up a snack burrito while gaming.

Or just be lazy with case wiring.
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