News Micro Center to Launch New Stores in Miami and Charlotte Next Year


Jan 29, 2021
The one in Charlotte is going to be pretty close to alot of good I'm sad I moved from Charlotte back to Ohio, only a couple of hours to the Columbus store, and they get more of my money then I'd like to admit
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Just about every motherboard/CPU combo I've built a new rig around has been bought at MC. Their combo deals have never been beat by any Etailer (Egg, AMZ, etc.) when I was in the market, and that includes checking for rebate offers from said Etailers. I've also bought several monitors from them because they will price match from Etailers - a reason I prefer them not just for the sales service but for assurance I'll get it without a hole in the box! Finally, they have saved many a build or repair day when I needed something immediately, especially since my Fry's Electronics closed a few years ago which was also a very good PC/electronics store.
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Mar 26, 2003
My last few mobo/cpu deals came from Microcenter. MSI Z97 pc mate/Intel G3258 cpu for $100. Gigabyte DS3H/Ryzen 2600+ for $130 and Gigabyte DS3H wifi/Ryzen 3600. A few Raspberry Pi's. Otherwise, pricewise is not much better than other places in the web.
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Jul 12, 2018
OMG - the best news I have read in months, living in Fort Lauderdale I am about a 45 minute drive away (not during rush hour). The address given is either the former Tiger Direct Store or damn close to it. Visiting friends 10-12 years ago who at the time lived in Detroit, I got to visit the store there and have wished they would open one in Florida ever since. Might be better that is will not be too close and visits will be only every other month or such, better for my wallet that is.
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Nov 24, 2010
With two Micro Center stores in the Chicago area, we're in computer heaven, so to speak. Seriously, though, the Micro Center in west suburban Westmont is a sheer joy to visit. The salesmen (and strangely enough the sales force is, sadly, nearly 100% white males which doesn't happen by accident) are low pressure, cater to customer needs, and are grateful for your business even when they price match or Micro Center is the gift to computing enthusiasts that keeps on giving.
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