Question Micro-freezes with small sound buzzes

Feb 5, 2021
Hey guys !
It's been a while now since this issue started, it wasn't really painful but now I want to get rid of it.
What happends is whenever I watch a video or play a game, the PC will freeze for a very small amount of time (like 0.1 second or so) and sound will also lock on the same note for the same duration, it happends every 10 minutes or so, it's not gamebreaking but it's still something I want to get rid of, and I don't know how I could get this done.
Specs :
-Gigabyte G750H 750W PSU
- RTX 2080Super Gainward phoenix GPU
-Ryzen 7 3700X CPU
-B450 T max MOBO
-1TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD (Sata linked, Windows 10 Pro (updated & official) & games on it, with more than 50% of free space)
-1TB HDD I grabbed from my PS4 Pro, 7200RPM used to store everything not related with games, couldn't tell you the brand, SATA linked
-2x8GB Crucial ballistix RAM @3200Mhz

All drivers are updated using Driver Booster's pro driver updater, everything here was bought in March 2020 but the SSD and HDD (SSD is from 2018, bought it for my PS4 as main install so console runs on it, HDD is the one that was in this PS4 pro and got replaced by the SSD)
I bought a 970 EVO Plus I'll put in NVMe but I'd like to know where does this problem come from, cause I don't want to make a fresh W10 install on the NVMe SSD to see that the problem comes from somewhere else.

PC is in a very good state, temperatures are okay (actually at 41°C for the CPU and 35°C for the GPU) and I bought everything as new, no second-handed material.

If you've got some idea, it would be cool,

Thanks !
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Gigabyte G750H 750W PSU
This isn't a good PSU to have in your system, let alone pair it with an RTX 2080Super.

Which BIOS version are you currently on for your motherboard? Version for your OS? The drive salvaged from the PS4, was it formatted prior to pairing with your desktop?
Feb 5, 2021
Why isn't it a good PSU ?

BIOS was in version 3.70 from 8 months ago (I updated it) and just updated it to 3.90 (lastest, not beta)

W10 version is W10 pro 1909 18363.1316 (updated a few days ago)

(Note that I had this issue before and afters updates, but I left it in a corner thinking it wasn't important, but now it annoys me)

EDIT: I forgot to mention the PSU was a 80+ gold modular, don't know if it changes anything