Question Micro SD card not discoverable sometimes. How to fix.

May 19, 2023
I was writing lines to a text file at a fast rate with an arduino board. When I tried plugging the SD card into my laptop, it was not showing up. I tried other laptops and the arduino board as well without any success. This was when it was inserted directly into the laptop's built in SD card reader. However, if I put the SD card into an SD card reader on a USB C dongle, it is recognized and the files are there. I have tried reformatting the card to no avail. In addition, I tried a different SD card and it is recognized without any problems. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated as I'm not sure if this card is usable anymore. Could it be due to a power surge or something like that?


SD cards (all variants of it) don't have much reliability and will wear out. This is evidenced by system not recognizing the card anymore.

Better to get new one.

Switching the card reader helps, but it's short lived. I've replaced/switched several card readers in the past, to get my micro SD card working in my PC. Best success i've had, is using SD adapter and SD card reader. I have two such micro SD -> SD adapters. If one doesn't work, i take 2nd adapter. Though, i haven't got into replacing the micro SD card itself, since the 4GB micro SD card lives in my old mobile phone, that i rarely use anymore.