micro SD card - Sandisk vs Samsung

I currently own two Sandisk micro SD cards; 128 GB and 200 GB capacities. They're installed in my android phone and tablet.

I'm in the market for a 128 micro SD card, and I was about to purchase my go-to brand, Sandisk. But before I do, I thought I would ask if Samsung or another brand is better for the same price.

Thank you for any input that you can offer.


* I routinely see the Samsung selling discounted for the same price as the Sandisk, so ignore the price difference for this question.


Sandisk and Samsung are both pretty reliable when it comes to any kind of storage medium. SD cards, SSDs and other flash nand based products are high quality from both those manufacturers. So long as you don't buy the cheapest product offered by either of them, you'll likely get a decent product.

Both those products you linked are models I believe you can have faith in.