Question Micro Sd Card speeds (stupid question)


Nov 1, 2015
Im buying a bunch of new cards, Im wondering if Ill notice a difference if I get U3 or Clas 10 Micro Sd cards

I have a

-Yi (1080p60FPS) dash cam, only requires a class 10... lots of writing, slower speed if fine but will the faster speed help in anyway... even just less stress on the card
- Galaxy S9 phone, card for storing my mp3 library, and photos from the camera, etc. (lots of reading not a lot of writing)
-Rasberry Pi 3. I run retropie off of one card, use a random OS to play mkv/avi movies on my TV's HDMI (nothing over 1080p), I play with a lot of operating system use them sometimes but am on my desktop or laptop for anything important.

I know Ill notice the difference writing the OS to the Rasberry Pi card, transferring the 25gb MP3s to my phone.

But will I actually notice it otherwise ?

Just for reference; most of my cards are generic and brand Class 10's about 4 y/o. The brand name cards bench mark 30% faster I notice the difference in large file moves but not on day to day use. However I have an 7 y/o generic class 6 card... painfully slow to open large folders, search for a file name, start playing a video etc.

Im comparing Samsung Evo U3 vs Kingston c10 @2/3 the price...


Jun 29, 2016
You must see a difference, but how much, i am not sure about that but UHS-3 claims minimum write speed of 30 MB/s while class-10, maximum 10 MB/s so that is already a 200 % difference

I have a 16 GB Toshiba M203 (C-10), 32 GB Sandisk A1 (Class-10) and 64 GB Samsung Evo Plus (Class-10, U3). These are the best micro sd cards in market and below is their benchmark score on usb 2:

16 GB Toshiba M203 - R(30.70, 4.99, 4.70, 4.26) W(18.22, 0.97, 0.94, 0.99)
32 GB Sandisk A1 - R(7.49, 2.14, 2.14, 2.12) W(7.60, 1.60, 1.61, 1.56)
64 GB Samsung Evo Plus - R(30.62, 5.00 ,4.59, 4.05) W(22.15, 2.59, 2.33, 2.00)

Class-10 as i know is fine for 1080 p recording, but may or may not be able to keep up with 1080 p 60 fps, but you probably wouldn't need that as smartphone storage these days is very high and more reliable.
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