Question Micro Stuttering -probably- due to power adapter

Feb 15, 2023

I recently bought a Dell G15 5520 laptop (i7-12700H, RTX 3060, Windows 11). After a while, micro-stuttering starts that repeats every few seconds. It wasn't mouse freezing, the whole screen was freezing for a very short time while on the desktop. At first I suspected a hardware problem. I tested it using various tools (OCCT, CrystalDiskInfo) but no problem appeared. I reset windows and the problem disappeared for a while but it started again. When I did a little search, I saw people who said that power supplies could cause this. I have a 180 watt adapter from my old laptop (Dell 7577) and I use it in the office. Before using this adapter, I talked to dell technical service and they said that I can use a 180 watt adapter. I use the adapter that came with the laptop at home and I think this problem does not occur (I'm not entirely sure, as the problem is so new but yesterday I had no problems). To make sure the problem was with the adapter, I used the laptop for a while at the office today without charging it and it was fine. After a while of charging, micro stuttering started. The interesting thing is that once the problem starts, it persists even if I unplug it, I have to restart the laptop. As a result I think the micro stutter is due to the old adapter. When I turned on the laptop with the old adapter plugged in, a bios warning appeared stating that the system would work but would not perform fully. By the way, the adapter (old) does not get hot.

Here are two power options for this laptop:

180 W, Input current (maximum): 2.34 A , Output current (continuous): 6.23 A, 19.50 V
240 W, Input current (maximum): 3.5A, Output current (continuous): 12.31 A 19.50 V

My adapters are as follows:

Old adapter: 180w, Input current: 2.34 A Output current: 9.23 A 19.5 V, 50-60 Hz (Model: DA180PM111)
Adapter that comes with laptop: 240w, Input current: 3.5 A Output current: 12.31 A, 19.5 V, 50-60 Hz (Model: LA240PM190)

The only difference with the first option is the amperage. Could this be the cause of the problem? Or is that 180 watt adapter for different versions of the laptop? The most important thing for me is whether the old adapter will damage the laptop. I don't want to carry the other adapter with me if it won't do any damage. Of course it would be best if there is a way to use this 180 watt adapter and at the same time prevent micro stuttering.

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If I were in your place, I wouldn't intermix adapters from other laptops. If you got the 240W adapter out of the box, that's what I'd be working with from the get go and then source a similar adapter for use at your other location. To also, ask, does your laptop have any BIOS updates pending? Might also want to see if your OS is pending updates as well.