Question Micro Stutters and heavyness when playing games !

Dec 23, 2019
Hello! I've been having the same problem for about 3 years now and the problem is.
-Whenever i play a game online/offline the game eperiences micro stutters and heavyness which would mean being kinda slow when moving my mouse it doesnt feel synchronised ,so what I've tried well... -1-Installing/Reinstalling clean windows. -2-Checking all software and hardware for updates/issues -3- changed all cables except power coupler . Basically everything im very tired and cant figure it all ive monitored everything and its running well even got my pc to experts to check it they said everythings ok. Help please. Also something very important my fps stays the same doesnt drop so its not an fps stutter i guess but whenever i look at something lets say trees ingame they are like moving and stoping for mil of a sec almost the whole session !

PC - Specs:
Gpu- amd rx480 8gb
Cpu- intel i5-6400 -usage is at 60-70 %
Ram- 16gb 2400mhz
Psu- 650w

Something very important to say!
The experts that were testing my pc ran the game and it was running perfectly there ! But whenever I play at home it stutters....
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