Question Micro stutters and temporary freezes affecting all. Audio and video. Help?


Aug 30, 2016
Hi, Im trying to get some help narrowing down a weird problem. Im aware it could be a number of reasons but im seeing if anyone with experience has any suggestions. Thanks.

1. First the big thing, every once in a while, say hour to hours, my whole system freezes for a few seconds. Like say 10 seconds. And the audio might cut or sound slowed to like .5 speed. And then everything comes back, say the youtube video, or games or even just moving in file explorer, the display looks like its speed up to catchup to where its suppose to be. And Im talking everything is noticeable affected. Video, audio, even the corsair icue controlling the RGB crap will be affected seeming to jump colors. Its very weird and ive never seen something affect so many things at once. Its almost like an all reaching glitch that hiccups the system.
2. Second Is that there is also a barely noticeable micro stutter to everything. Youtube, gaming, desktop. But vsync and g-sync helps in gaming so ive been kind of ok with it as it dosnt make games unplayable. But I have noticed it all over.

I started my pc in safe mode with networking and could not replicate the problem. So i think i might be able to narrow down a bad app or driver but im not sure how or where to look. Ill provide my specs but keep it short. Let me know if i can provide anymore relevant info and thanks a bunch to anyone interested in helping. Thanks.

cpu - 8700k delided and OCed to 5.0 & max temp 75c
mobo - asus tuf z370 pro gaming
gpu - tested with both 3080 and 3090 with new and reinstalled drivers. Same result
nvme ssd - OS, win10 pro, recently installed on WD BLUE SN550 2.0tb
psu - 4 year old corsair 1000w 80+ gold. working fine.
additional - 1 nvme ssd, 1-2.5 ssd and 1 HDD
case - airflow case with hella fans and positive airflow. not overheating related i think.
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