Question Microfon

Oct 19, 2020
Not sure this is the right place to post but ill try.

i have a adx firecast a01 microphone that i cant seem to get right.
(to be clear i have tried with another mic , the Turtle beach streaming mic)

and i can't seem to get it setup right.
i have downloaded Voicemeter banana and setup voice gate etc but everytime i am in discord my friends say" your mic sounds like your in a box" and then the quality is just bad.
in comperrison i have a hyperx headsett and people are telling me that the mic is better on that and i cant belive it.
i mean the adx mic isn't the best i would belive but i would think it should be better then a headsett mic.

does anybody have experience with usb mics and how to get it to sound "normal" or good.?

i have heard some have talked about Virtual audio cable but dosen't that just spilt audio?

sorry i am just new to this and can't understand why the mic sounds so bad.

is it just that this mic is terrible ? but fell like itæ's not just that since i have tried with 2 diffrent mics.

thats for the help :)