micron d7 vs. mcron d9 vs. cl5


Feb 8, 2007
d7 is older..If you want the best OC'ingpossible nab some D9GKX based modules. They are harder to get now and are more expensive then alternative solutions. But even so...Getting the Crucial Baliistix pc2-6400 modules should be great as well. They use d9GMH chips and are priced extremely well....



You can also nab their 1066 rated version which also uses D9GMH...Only nab 1066 if you have sufficient cooling for your processor and want to literally push your cpu to the limit. Most people nab the 800 mhz rated model due to price..As well as the fact they can oc well for light/moderate oc'ing.

Here's one that uses D9GKX chips..


That's what I've been able to pull up with a quick search. Your best bet would just be to google it. Google in D9GKX list...Or D9GMH List. Once you get a list from other forums..Nab the model number and give it a search on google with the type of IC's it has....To verify that it is indeed true. Make sure you verify from a few sources though. One of the only ways really to find out what chips are in what modules...

The ones I linked above should do the trick. 100% sure on the crucials having d9gmh ic's. While the buffalo modules stated on the net have D9GKX...but it might be old news...couldn't find many sources on it and how well it overclocks.