Question Microphone buzzing after replacing MOBO, PSU, CPU

Feb 22, 2019
Currently my friend is using a HyperX Alpha headset and the microphone has horrendous feedback when he tries to talk to us in teamspeak or what have you.

He was using a Logitech headset before, it was very quiet and there was no buzzing that we could notice. But then I bought him a better headset and it has been buzzing non stop ever since.

We even replaced the components listed above, as he wanted to upgrade and he wanted to completely fix the buzzing and I assured him this would be the end all solution if he wanted to knock two things out at once. So after I put the new stuff into his computer and hooked it all back up again, the buzzing persists. I have no clue what to attempt to fix this.

Before hand i THINK it WAS a power issue, as I could put my foot on the PSU or anything metal in the case and the buzzing would immediately go away. Now that "solution" doesn't work at all.

I also forgot to mention I bought a sound card, the Audigy Blaster FX or whatever it's called, and the buzzing is STILL happening.

The last thing i'm planning on testing is swapping out his graphics card and seeing if that is what is causing the buzzing.