Microphone does not record any sound at all.

Jan 21, 2019
Hello all. I finally registered an account on this site after coming on this site again and again for help. I am glad to join this community. I am in need of help of recording sound with my mic on my newly built desktop (all parts were bought and self-put-together), so I am new with computer hardware and software basically, but have a rough understanding of it.

I am trying to record sound with my V-MODA V80, which is a regular headphone with a mic attachment on the wire.

First of all, I confirmed that the headset is functional. I plugged it into two laptops, both laptops allowed sound to be recorded properly. Both laptops were pre-built obviously, so this led me to the conclusion that I am missing a driver.

I've tried all of the following to troubleshoot which has provided no results besides allowing my microphone to be shown as "plugged in and green."

1. I have downloaded my motherboard's audio driver from its website, uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times.
2. I have went into the "Recording" tab and enabled the Microphone as a "Default Device." I have also set the "Microphone Privacy Settings" in the Windows setting as "On."
3. I have went into "Device Manager" and updated my drivers for the Microphone Audio Input.
4. I have tried plugging the headphone jack into every single jack (including the case's jacks and the motherboard's jacks directly).
5. I have went into Realtek HD Audio Manager and checked the "Disable front panel jack detection," which has provided me with the result of showing my Microphone as "plugged in and green."

Also I have went into the properties of the Microphone and tried "Playback," with the "Listen to this device" option. This results in a light and feint buzzing noise that I can hear slightly, but no voice played back when I try to talk into the mic.

The motherboard that I have is an ASRock 450M Pro (https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/B450M%20Pro4/index.asp).

It is inside of a Rosewill ATX Case - Nautilus (https://www.rosewill.com/product/case-rosewill-nautilus-gaming-atx-mid-tower-computer-case-supports-up-to-380-mm-long-vga-card-3-fans-pre-installed-side-window-panel/).

My specs are: AMD Ryzen 5 2600.
RX580. If those matter.
On Windows 10.