Microphone doesn't pick up any sound when drivers are changed


Mar 18, 2012

okay so i do not even know if the Question Title is apt or not. anyways so here is my problem:

I recently installed a Voice Morphing Software available at ScreamingBee.
The software comes with an audio driver called Screaming Bee Audio Driver.

Prior to this installation, i used a desktop-microphone and it worked fine.

But after the installation there seems to be some problem with the driver.
I used a SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio. If i want to have my voice morphed, i need to change this to Screaming Bee Audio Driver.

But after the change, i find that my voice isn't being picked up by my microphone. I clicked the CONFIGURE button and followed the instructions too but the bar wont change any color when i speak into my microphone because it cant hear me.

When i change back to SoundMax, my microphone's working alright.

So, where's the actual problem?