Microphone is Distorted and Quiet


Jan 31, 2018
All of a sudden today my microphone was not working. Upon inspection in the "sound" part of settings the microphne gets audio when you yell in it or tap it but it is super distorted. I have turned up gain and volume, adjusted settings, rebooted computer, reinstalled drivers, and tried different USB ports. The microphone works in other computers.

motherboard: asRock H170A-X1
GPU: GTX 1050 ti
CPU: I3-6100
RAM: 16gb ripjaws ddr4
Microphone: Blue Yeti (USB connection)
Uhh, which drivers did you try to reinstall? Should try your audio drivers.

Those symptoms sound exactly like what a dead microphone on a headset would be, but since you've got a yeti, i assume it just sits on the desk and can't really take any movement stress like a headset mic would.

You could try contacting Blue support to see if they have any insight as to why this might happen, like a specific windows update breaking mics.