Microphone is gone when i put 7.1 audio channel in realtek settings.


Aug 8, 2016

No not even sound coming out. Just some weird static noise when i play some music or anything for that matter.

Weird static noise is certainly still an output! But if your rig only has 3 connections i don't see how this is possible - you could use some kind of fuzzy logic or crossovers or something but without the proper outputs - how can you expect it to work?

Also, why do you have it in 7.1 and use a mic? it appears from your image that you do not even have 8 speakers with a sub plugged in - because it wouldn't be possible.

What are you really doing here man? Just set it to stereo and it will work. It doesn't look like you have surround sound - 7.1 requires EIGHT speakers AND a subwoofer - that is 9 speakers. I don't see connections for that on your rig.
Run you mic off a USB adapter, this will bypass the rectal "realteK" software. From there you can control it though windows itself and it will just show as a USB Audio device.

Here is a good example

Plug your headphones in as well when you want to bypass the Speakers without messing with RealteK.

Now as far as the 7.1 setup goes.. some boards actually have 8 analog inputs for 7.1 "7 channels and a Sub " and 6 for 5.1 " 5 Channels and a sub" but from that Gif you don't seem to have that option. My guess is 7.1 support is digital with toslink if you have a separate 7.1 audio package which has it's own amplifier/decoder.