Microphone isn't working. I can hear people but they can't hear me.


Oct 14, 2011
I have a problem with input devices on my pc that cropped up over night (windows 7). I was using a logitech usb headset (i'm not sure the brand although i doubt it's the hardware at this stage).

It worked find last night, and when i turned my computer on today the microphone no longer works, after rigorously searching for answers across the internet i've tried the following to no avail, even after switching to directly plugging in an old device that still works directly into the sound jack.

I've tried, changing the settings through playback on the mixer. I've made sure neither microphone was muted. changed the output devices to coincide with both microphones.

I can't seem to find anything else suggesting anything, i think i may try a system restore as well at this point. Any suggestions would be great, because both headsets are working but i can not for the life of me get the input sound to work.
You may need to reinstal the sound card driver; go into the device manager select the sound card w/secondary mouse button and click on Uninstal... next restart the computer. The sound card will be reinstalled and the problem resolved.

This has worked for me in audio issues, but should work for voice just the same...