Microphone not registering (question)


Feb 25, 2012
Hey Folks. I’ve just re-installed my microphone I use for my studio work, (an “M-Audio Fast Track Pro” connection via USB) and am having issue getting it to work on Steam specifically. It works fine on recording software, and is set as my default recorder, also I have used it for multiple projects that require it. However on Steam (valves PC console), when it’s set as my “Recording (audio input) device,” which steam does recognize, I can’t get it to pick up my sound via testing it, or in games (specifically Team Fortress 2). I’ve surfed the net looking for help but have come up empty after trying varying solutions, such as changing some things in the config file (this did not work). No this is not a server thing as other players have been talking and have told me I’m not coming through. Volume and Receive are not muted, and I am holding “V” to talk, as I have set the game to do. I also can’t find any issue with the Realtek audio manager, as it only monitors audio inputs/outputs not USBs. Oh and yes all the drives are up to date as I constantly use it for projects.

Thanks for any and all your help!