Question Microphone not working after changing motherboard ?


May 17, 2016
Hii, so I recently bought a new mobo, RAM and CPU (got an amazing deal on them) because my i5-2400 was holding my gpu back...more or less so... It was worth the upgrade, games run so much better, but there's a small problem. My mic doesn't work with my PC anymore. It's very strange, because the microphone is working flawlessly with my phone and also my MacBook.

At first I thought that there's problem with audio drivers, so I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them (downloaded them from my motherboard's website)... That didn't work. I even installed older drivers but with no luck. I literally tried everything from messing with drivers and bios to changing privacy settings.

I thought the problem was my Windows, maybe something corrupted, I tried "fixing" it with various methods to no luck. So the next logical step for me was reinstalling Windows. I formatted my main drive and installed windows 10 again... I installed all the drivers that came with my motherboard and the mic still doesn't work. lovely. I don't know what to do.

My PC detects the mic but in the sound control panel it doesn't show any green bars (the voice input level?) when I'm talking or screaming. It's set as Default Device. Oh, also the mic uses 3.5mm jack and it's Boya By-M1... I know it's not a expensive microphone and yes I use it for gaming.. I have a quiet voice and lavalier mics just work the best for me and my setup. I really hope that somebody could help me, I don't really want to buy a new microphone if this one works.

Also the mic used to work with my old motherboard, including the front panel microphone port. Even if the new motherboard's microphone port is different then the case mic port should work, because I built the new system in that same pc case and connected the front audio and usb cables to the motherboard.

Pc specs:
Msi z590 gaming plus
32(2x 16) GB RAM
GTX 970...(can't afford better one, especially at the moment!)
Corsair 650w psu
Windows 10 64bit.