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Question Microphone not working - URGENT

Apr 7, 2020
Hi there,

I'm operating windows 10 operating system on a Dell i7 7470.

The pc only has a headphone jack no microphone jack( I know stupid right!? ), I have a built in mic on my pc but I want to use my gaming headset. I've tried 3 different types of microphones on my pc and everyone is unbelievably quiet.

1st problem is that they don't even get recognised in the headphone port, I can hear sound but no mic input available nothing even pops up in input devices when I plug it in.

2nd problem is that when I plug my gaming controller into my pc I plug my headset into the aux on the bottom of my controller but the microphone is so low it's stupid.. I have already turned the mic up in settings and I have no option to 'boost the mic' like I had on previous pc's.

i have tried to access realtek hd audio manager and it doesn't recognize the headset being plugged in through my controller either so that doesn't help.

Do I need a headphone and mic splitter to plug into my earphones port on the pc then use the pc splitter that came with my headset and plug them into the right ports? I don't really want to be going and spending more money on this problem unless I know it's going to work.

Thanks for your time


This depends. If the headphone jack on the computer is a micorphone headphone combo jack, all you need is a cheap splitter. you need to check in dell's website of your machine to check if it is.

if its not, you need either a usb to microphone and headphone jacks
or a sound card
i suggest getting the usb one, cause its cheaper and sound cards are pretty scarce these days.