Question Microphone problems on Gigabyte A320M-SCH-CF

May 27, 2020
Hey guys!

My friend have an Gigabyte A320M-S2H-CF motherboard. He recently bought a headset (Hyperx Cloud Stinger), and it's microphone isn't working.
He is on windows 10, version 1903
He tested the headset on his phone, and the mic it's ok.
I tried to help him throught teamviewer.. What I did:
  • Changed his sound card driver manually (updated, uninstalled and tried others too).
  • Checked the mic privacy settings on windows 10, it was on. (I triem d to turn it off, and turn it on too, several times).
  • Check on his bios, but if i disable sound HD, it disables all onboard sound (I read that some motherboards has hd and ac97, so you have to change to ac97 to front panel to work)
  • I changed the option that says bind the same type of connectors, or something like that.
Weird things:
  • The sound software recognize that he connected both of the plugs (green and pink one).
  • It recognizes when connects on the back or in front.
  • Now he is using Wo mic to use his phone as a mic on computer, when he changed to realtek, I started to hear what he was hearing (like, musica or whatever) on discord.
I don't know what else to do, completely lost.
Someone has any thoughts?

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