Question Microphone quality horrible in live calls over Internet

Oct 20, 2020
My friends have recently been unable to understand me well through Discord. My audio is choppy and the volume is inconsistent. Apparently, the same thing happens when using voice chat in the online game Phasmophobia with them. I've tried making a recording of myself talking, and I sound perfectly fine doing that. So, why does my microphone only sound bad when I'm in an online call with my friends, and what can I do to fix it? I've tried uninstalling and then reinstalling my Realtek drivers, but to no effect. I've also tried using a different microphone, which worked fine, but the problem is that it uses a USB connection, and thus a seperate driver, while my headset uses an audio jack, so I wasn't able to determine whether my problem is with hardware or software. I don't have another microphone in my house that uses an audio jack, unfortunately. Any help is appreciated.


Laptop microphone? Make and model headset/microphone combination?

Try your headset/microphone on another known working computer with a compatible audio port(s).

Are you using any sort of audio adapter? For example an adapter that accepts one incoming plug from the headset/microphone and sends out two plugs: one plug to microphone port the other plug to speaker/headphone port.

Or some other audio device that will accept the headset/microphone connection.

Does the microphone problem follow the headset?


Is your internet connection fine? If you have a slow internet connection the audio would break up. Also if there is outside noise like your speakers or someone doing something in the room the mic may sound inconsistent.