Question Microphone sound is quiet


Dec 22, 2014
Hey guys, so I've had this issue for quite a long time now, well when I say a long time, ever since I've known about it. Anyway, the headset I'm using is a Logitech G533 wireless headset, and for some reason, my microphone is pretty quiet and low quality. Now, it's not the headset itself because I got it replaced, and the replacement headset has the exact same issue.

My cousin has the exact same headset, exact same motherboard, same Realtek drivers, logitech drivers, BIOS version, etc. and his microphone quality and sound is much better than mine. I even did a microphone test with both our computer systems, and there's a clear difference.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why my headset is a lot quieter and lower quality than his even though its the exact same headset? My microphone volume is set to 100% and my format is set to DVD quality.

Also, it's not just these headsets, I had a plantronics headset before, and the volume of those were a lot quieter than my cousins (he had the same headset), and even other external microphones like when I bought a Blue Yeti, that was pretty quiet too.