[SOLVED] Microphone starts sounding like a super high pitched chipmunk when i put pc under load?

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Aug 8, 2017
So I'm not sure if this issue is cause by windows, or something else but for some reason when i launch another application and get in a situation where theres more stress on the components the red light in my mic (Its a Hyperx Quadcast microphone) starts flashing on and off randomly and thats when my voice suddenly changes to a super high pitched sounds that cut off a lot and nobody can understand a word Im saying.
To give an example of when I consistently get it to happen, when I played shadow of the tomb raider on ultra settings 1440p with raytraced shadows disabled the mic worked just fine, then when I started screensharing on discord it was still fine, then when I turned on raytraced shadows from off to Ultra while still Screensharing still the game was still perfectly playable, no issues with anything whatsoever the system was still very responsive but my mic suddenly started blinking (the physical light inside the microphone that tells me if its on or not) and next thing I know is I sound like a chipmunk except its so bad that nobody can understand me.

Thank you in advance

It happened again when I simply screenshared a google browser to my friend on discord, the red light in the microphone just flashed off and on and my friend told me that I sound like a chipmunk and he cant understand anything.
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