Question Microphone stopped working completely after restart


Dec 22, 2018
Background information to understand how this occurred: Me and my cousins had downloaded ARK: Survival Evolved which we had played a few months ago but decided to come back. As I start the game I head into the bathroom and as I came back after just a minute my PC was suddenly restarting, I immediately knew it was just my GPU overheating, my everyday solution for this is that I put my fans on 100% before heading into a game which requires good hardware. As I had forgotten that I understood that the solution was just to do this.

But as I reconnect on Discord after the restart I notice that my cousins can't hear me but I could hear them which was really odd, I then try to fiddle around Discord settings and Windows settings, even the control panel for sounds. I then also notice that apparently, my cousins were able to hear my desktop sounds such as YouTube, Spotify and such. As I said I have tried fiddling around settings and I deleted my Realtek drivers and then redownloaded them. To confirm the microphone wasn't broken I tried connecting the headphones to my phone and talk through Discord with them and that worked. Something that I also detected was when I connected the pink cable ONLY (microphone) they could hear me but very very low. I'm suspecting it's actually a physical problem, like the chassis or the motherboard (on-board audio) because it would somehow make the most sense. It's just all in all a very weird problem that seems like it has nothing to do with drivers but instead something inside my PC. Any ideas on how I could fix this problem?

Motherboard: MSI B350 PC MATE
Chassis: CoolerMaster MasterBox 5


Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer.

Either one or both may have recorded some error code, warning, or even informational event while you were gone.

Look for entries during that time.

Any additional details may help identify the problem and possible fixes.