Discussion Microphone stops recording audio


Feb 17, 2015
Hi. I have a bit of an odd issue so bear with me.

So the problem seems to be that when I am in a conversation / webcam call with someone (using Messenger in this case). If I speak, giving the other party an audio output, their microphone stops recording audio input or atleast I am not hearing it. Normally this would'nt really be that much of an issue, however we tend to talk in each others mouths unwillingly due to delay in the conversation. Which makes it frustrating that I sometimes miss out on a question, opinion, emotion... It makes us constantly stop up and wait for the other person to speak since we know what happens. And usually I get asked something that I never heard because of a simple wind puff or anything that provided input from my end. So I am just wondering if there is some sort of option to modify this or if its just how a laptops speaker/microphone combo works, that one will not work at the same time as the other.

Otherwise, have a great day. I'd love this discussion to get some heat to see if I am alone with this issue or not.