Microphone Stops Working When I Open Applications - App Access Allowed Under Privacy


Nov 15, 2015
My microphone works when I start my PC. It allows me to record my voice and picks me up loud and clear. It also works in Discord if its the only application I have running.

WHEN I OPEN ANY GAME OR OTHER APPLICATION the microphone stops working. Whether it be in the game or if the game is running and i'm trying to use voice recorder/discord.The second I close the application the mic works again.

Mic: USB Hyperx Cloud II

I've tried every single microphone trouble shooting guide over the past 2 days. I've found posts word for word similar compared to my issue, where the simple fix was to change your microphone/application privacy settings - this was not turned off for me and adjusting did not solve the problem. When I try and use Voice Recorder with a game open it basically corrupts the file and there's not even a few seconds of silence - the second I close the game/program, Voice recorder works again.

The last thing I did before I noticed the issue was upgrade my ram, during which I unplugged and re plugged the CMOS battery.

Nvidia GTX 970
Asus z170-AR (BIOS v.0802)
GSkill TridentZ 16gb 3000

I've exhausted the internet from what I could find. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I most certainly follow - up. I'm just really trying to avoiding having to reset my pc and even more worried that somehow wont solve the problem.


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