Question Microphone volume problem and background noise


Oct 24, 2016
Ok so.. i build a new PC, but the thing is i'm not sure is from the headset. I mean..i'm sure is not the headset problems but maybe someone knows something here. I freaking HATE my life, and i don't know what to do.

On my old PC i had the problem that my microphone could be barely heard. So after a while i built a new one. Mother board is Aorus B450 Elite, and my headset is a Cloud Alpha.

First day, i tried to record some youtube videos and everything was CRYSTAL CLEAR. The microphone settings were 100% Volume and 10% boost. Man i was so happy finally the sound working as it should. Second day....not anymore. I'm mad, i don't know what to do. I'm just freaking desperate.

In recordings the volume is lower now, and if i go to microphone settings to get back to 10% boost and 100 microphone level, there's a LOUD background noise. If i put the boost at 0% and microphone at 100% you can barely hear me, but the background noise is still there but not annoying.

I tried to go into settings i can't do anything. Reinstalled audio driver, i tried to install realtek..nothing nothing. I don't know what to do, and yet again with a new freaking PC i have a shitty sound.

I'm scared to buy an expensive mic to not have the same problem, because as i said the first day it was CRYSTAL CLEAR!